Custom / Commission Work

Little Relics is starting to make a name for itself for taking bequeathed jewelry and creating signature pieces and engagement rings.  Susan loves bringing old jewelry back to life with a re-purpose or recreated into a everyday piece that allows the wearer to remember the family member in new stylized manner.

Wedding bands, engagement and commitment rings are created as unique as each couple that walks through our tiny door.  Little Relics gets to know the couple and collaborates for the perfect symbol of the couple's love and commitment.

Milestone, birthday and anniversary gifts are created with symbolic stones and metal to signify the recipient.  We love creating these pieces to celebrate the individual and life.

Little Relics LOVES making timeless and sentimental pieces.  Please call the shop for a free consult 916.346.4615

gold stackers with sapphire.png

College Graduation Gift

A sterling silver ring from the 50's gifted to college grad.  She was honest and preferred yellow gold and welcomed an adventure of the design process.  We decided three rings are better than one.

befroe and after katie.jpg

Re-Purposed Statement

Susan's first commission to give her true artistic "license" and the client LOVED the new signature pieces.  Inspired by Kandinsky and Miro (abstract artists) kick-started this design.  Still a favorite of the client and Susan.  A new ring and amazing pendant for fantastic statements.

carnelian custom ring.png

Treat Yourself

Love the stories that come with client's stones.  This one is an ode to grandpa and childhood.  Susan loved being able to "play" with the shank to create a truly forged foundation for a cool affect.